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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products will be  shown below. Please call,  or   visit us in store for more information on our current promotions. and other product  availability.
Premium suits from Skopes ,Scott and Voeut
Jackets from chest size  50 to 70
Trousers from waist size 40 to 70
Leg length available in S/R/L
Economy Range of Jackets for Men
from collar size 18.5 to 23

Espionage,Kam and Canson
from size 2XL to 8XL
Dukes Casual Jacket for Men
Kam,and Mish Mash
from waist size 40 to 60
Dukes Jeans for Big Men 
Perfect, Kam
from 2XL to 6XL
Perfect (Brooklyn)  Hoodie for Men
,Bow ties ,ties,braces and belts
 Socks by HJ,Kings
Real Leather Belts for Big Men
 in sizes 2XL to 8XL
Espionage Underwear for Big Men
Espionage,Bar Harbour, Lizard King and Mish Mash  Raging Bull  and Cotton Valley 
in sizes 2XL to 8XL
Cotton Valley Casual Shirt for Men
Metaphor,Espionage,Perfect,Kam, Mish Mash and Cotton Valley
in sizes  2XL to 8XL
Perfect Pique Polo Shirts for men in a wide range of colours
 Espionage, Kam,Canson,Scott and Harry Brown
in sizes 2XL to 6XL
Espionage Padded Jacket for Men  
                                                   Durapress,  Skops,Duke and Scott
in waist sizes 40 to 62
Leg length S/R/L
Durapress Grey Trousers for Men waist from 44
Metaphor,Espionage,Cotton Valley 
in sizes  2XL to 6XL
Cotton Valley Cable Cardigan for Men
in sizes 2XL to 6 XL
Espionage Checked Pyjamas for men

Extra Wide Soft Top
Sizes 6-15

91 dark navy 2 extra wide soft top

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